Saturday, April 29, 2006

Banana Nutrament

This is a pretty fantastic post.

Banana Nutrament

The Lowbrow Reader

Great magazine, which I found out about fromDusted.

Issue five has great essays on Chevy Chase (pro and con arguments), the alleged renaissance of Joan Rivers, and a heartfelt and insightful tribute to Don Knotts by Neil Hagerty, whom I believe used to be in Royal Trux.

The Lowbrow Reader

Check it out.

Austin Prepares a Welcome for a Texas-Size Museum - New York Times

Via my improv partner, Shana Merlin, whose blog has something going on with such that I can't permalink to her entries. At any rate she spied, in the second paragraph, mention of the improv we're going to be doing at the Blanton tonight.

Austin Prepares a Welcome for a Texas-Size Museum - New York Times

Now my second, albeit in this case anonymous, mention in the New York Times this year.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Ask me how the cops got called during the making of this video

The story is mega sweet. I loved that plant.

Encouraging Chris Trew to Take it to the Next Level

Gotta love people who do their homework

This dingaling tried to add me today. Can you tell I am not blogging much today? Also, I love how this 'conservative' has lots of chicks of barely legal age in his top 8. Proves he's virile or somesuch.


Why in the world did I bookmark a performance art hula-hoop ensemble? Oh, wait. Because hula-hoops are awesome....

..:: Groovehoopalition - Official Site of GrooveHoops ::..


Some crazy art rock festival/leabel? in Belgium! Belgium, the Delaware of Europe.


See here to see what I'm talking about. Rest assured, these links are disappearing from my machine.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Watch While Shannon Puts All His Links on! Part Two

Some more links. A woman named Tara Rodgers, who's a composer and musician. She's got some mp3s available on her site which are worth checking out. Also on her site is a link to website she runs, which is how I found out about her. It's called Pinknoise and it's dedicated to women in the experimental music and compositional world, a field perceived by many to be a masculine world. Maybe I found out about it from the webby award it won? Anyway, check it and her out.

Watch While Shannon Puts All His Links on! Part One

I'm getting rid of every single saved bookmark I have. I'm just going to let the fine folks over at and their corporate overlords at Yahoo! keep track of them for me. Besides, my links were filled with random stuff that I'm not even sure why I bookmarked in the first place, like this site, the work of a designer apparently named Joe Stewart. Can anyone tell me how why I had this site bookmarked?

I Love Joe Stewart

See you around, Joe!

You can track my progress getting rid of stuff here.

The Sound of Young America: Strangers with Candy trailer...

The Sound of Young America: Strangers with Candy trailer...

I kept trying to like this show. I watched the entire first season. In the end the only episode I thought was worth a damn was the Wilfred Brimley "Retards Don't rule the Night...Nobody Does" episode.

I think I kept trying to like because I like Steve Colbert, and I saw Amy Sedaris was back at Second City when I was in college and have always wanted to like her after that (she was really funny). She's a genius, right? That's what everyone seems to have decided. Here's the deal, though. Her comedy is mean-spirited and lazy. Come on, a main character whose primary 'humor' is her bad teeth and saggy tits? And oh yeah, she used to do a lot of drugs? Man, that's lazy comedy. Contrast the two-dimensional Jeri (sp?) with the bizarre, cartoonish-even, but deeply human characters on Arrested Development.

Yeah, I can't imagine watching this character for any more minutes. I gave up a show or two into the second season when I realized I was being a weak-willed joiner by even trying to like the show when I clearly didn't.

Oh dear

It looks like I am about to eat a cyberwoman named Narli Waves.

Life is very weird...

when a day after you blog a picture of your wife, you find out that your friend, a male friend but one who is a woman inside Second Life, has added a giant billboard image of her inside SL's cyber landscape.

Weird indeed.

I would've add this pic live, but I can't figure how to make Snapzilla and Blogger talk to each other. Just follow this link.

The Octopus Project

KUT Public Arts : The MySpace Phenomenon (2006-04-27)

Okay, here's another band on my MySpace friends list that I wouldn't be get rid of no matter what you say. See earlier post if you are confused by what I'm saying. The Octopus Project is awesome. You probably already know that, but if not, go check them out. And listen to the spot on them on KUT's Texas Music Matters, linked to above.

Do you like Aphex Twin? Do you like Stereolab? Do you like rock with no words? Do you like video games? Do you like bands who make masks to wear onstage and use balloons in live shows? Theremin? The word 'octopus?' You will like them then.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Proof that Lacey's camera makes me a decent photographer

March 2006 018
Originally uploaded by sadogre.

A sexy little flower, don't you know.

Cobbler Dogs

From the Plurals, who put on one of the best shows at last year's Out of Bounds Festival. They rule.

My lovely wife

March 2006 116
Originally uploaded by sadogre.

Since I mentioned her in the last post, perhaps people would like to see her. I took this photo in a state park in Gerogia last month. Lacey's camera makes even me a decent photographer. We went there to see her family. In this same park Emmett disturbed NASCAR great Bill Elliot while he was making some kind of advertisement.

Austinist: Salvage Vanguard Opens New Theatre Space

Austinist: Salvage Vanguard Opens New Theatre Space

Another link to the Austinist. I can't tell you how happy I am with this, since Lacey and I were the ones who found the space for SVT. Woot!

Austinist: Jane Jacobs, 1916-2006

Austinist: Jane Jacobs, 1916-2006

Hmm. I missed this yesterday. I still haven't read the books of hers we have around the house, but Lacey has. Now would seem like a decent time to plow through her works, if it weren't for the fact that I'm reading so much already.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Blog regularly and see your readership numbers go up. Hmm. Lesson learned.

Bonde Do Role, a.k.a Anyone speak Portuguese?

So, if you're like me, you have a MySpace page. Chances are decent that when you first got it, you didn't realize that lameass bands would be pelting you with friend requests left and right. Maybe you even said, okay, I'll be your friend, lonely rockers from Norman, Oklahoma. Now, most of the bands I've added I know or like, and mostly I've been the one to seek them out for friend adds, but I'm thinking of thinning the ranks of the bands on my list.

I'll be honest. Sometimes I have no idea who these bands are. So, as an experiment, and as a desperate ploy to get more readers so that I feel compelled to blog on a regular basis, for the next few months I'll be highlighting bands from my friends list. You can go listen to their tunes and tell me whether to drop them or keep them. I probably won't listen to you every time, but I'll pretend to, just like the real government does when you vote in their elections!

At any rate, mostly I'll be going in order of how these bands are listed on my page, but today I wanted to share with you tunes by Bonde Do Role. I have no idea how I came to add them. I came across their profile again today in the ranks of my friends. I'm sure I added them, but how did I hear about them? Maybe a link or mention from Dusted Magazine? Maybe ditto from Sasha Frere-Jones? No clue. But I dig there tunes. This is what I think they call Baile Funk, folks , though more punk and metal influenced than the other stuff I've heard. I especially dig the song "melo de vitiligo." Sweet combo of stuff from Salt 'n' Peppa and AC/DC, then with that hyper-aggressive/sexual shouted Portuguese that is the hallmark of Baile Funk lyrics.

You can tell me to drop them, but I won't. How's that for your first vote?

They're coming to Austin in July. I'll be there.

Here are the lyrics to aforementioned song. Anyone speak Portuguese?

fui no botecao
pra tomar uma caipirinha
espremeu limao errado
manchou toda minha pelinha

as viada tudo loca
ja criaram confusao
perguntaram e vitiligo
eu disse e mancha de limao

vai vai vai vitiligo (4x)
parece vitiligo, mas e mancha de limao

fui descer pro litoral
la pras praia de pelado
entao passei limao no pau
pra torrar, ficar manchado

as safada ja curtiram
ate no rabo tem limao
porque essa e a nova onda
esse e o hit do verao

mais lindo que michael Jackson
mais estaile que o bozo
bem mais chique que o scarpa
mais branquelo e mais gostoso

vai vai vai vitiligo (4x)
parece vitiligo, mas e mancha de limao

as safadas ja curtiram
ate no rabo tem limao
porque essa e a nova onda
esse e o hit do verao

Tales of the S.S. Rocketchair

My man Braden is all bloggin' it up, blogspot style. I'm guessing he's going to post comics over here at the Tales of the S.S. Rocketchair, but I'm not sure. He has good comics up over at LazerCanyon, so I'm not sure what Rocketchair is going to consist of. I just want people to be able to see CobblerDog somewhere. Come on Braden, put it up on YouTube and I'll embed it all over the place. CobblerDog!

White Ghost Shivers, MySpace link

Out of Bounds will be hosting a fundraiser on May 14th at the Space. We're excited by all the musical acts we've got lined up, but we're most excited about getting The White Ghost Shivers, the self-described "Motley Crue of hot string bands." You can check them out here.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Chasing Butterflies

Good Friday 017
Originally uploaded by sadogre.

Emmett and his friend Ely on Good Friday at the park. You can't quite see it, but they're chasing a butterfly.


From the blogroll over at The Sound of Young America blog, I've found this pretty cool blog, BibliOdyssey, which seems to be dedicated exclusively to really awesome book illustration. Which means there's a lot of medieval and rennaissance-era illuminated manuscripts, fencing manuals, things like that. Very nice.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Great Outdoor Fight

Hey 3 people who ever look at this blog. You know Achewood, right? Well, here's the beginning link of the greatest story ever told. 3 men, 3 days....

Beginning of The Great Outdoor Fight

What I'm Up To

Okay, so Jesse Thorn over at The Sound of Young America was making fun of me the other day because I never update this blog.

What's worse, I include the url in the signature for most of my outgoing emails. I'm just inviting people to come over here and see how unproductive I am.

So to counteract that suspicion in people, and to enact, or re-enact, in a non-Civil War costume wearing kind of way, the original purpose of this blog, namely to talk about the books, art, and other things I encounter and respond to (see, it's a collection of stuff, but it's empty, too, since these works occupy primarily mental space, not physical space), I thought I'd put together of all the books I've read since the beginning of the year. Maybe one or two of these I read between X-mas '05 and New Year's '06, but let's count them in this year's endeavors. In roughly chronological order:

  1. Off Center : The Republican Revolution and the Erosion of American Democracy, Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson

  2. The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil, George Saunders

  3. Double Trouble, Greil Marcus

  4. Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Joan Didion

  5. Palestine, Joe Sacco

  6. Rembrant's Eyes, Simon Schama

  7. Unlikley, Jeffrey Brown

  8. Cute Manifesto, James Kochalka

  9. Shutterbug Follies, Jason Little

  10. The Thirty Years War, C.V. Wedgwood

  11. Notes from a Defeatist, Joe Sacco

  12. The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion

  13. Memories of My Melancholy Whores, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  14. Naruto (Volume 1), Masashi Kishimoto

  15. Crooked Rain, Meghann Rosales

  16. V for Vendetta, Alan Moore

  17. From Hell, Alan Moore

Hey, not bad. I'm on pace to read a book a week this year, even though a lot of these books are on the short side. However, the Schama and the Wedgwod ought to count more, so it all evens out.

Currently reading, but not yet finished:

The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman

Chewbacca's got a blog

Chewbacca's got a blog. Behold the grandeur: