Thursday, July 21, 2005

BAGnewsNotes: First Impressions

This is interesting. Framing as something beyond just words, but pictures as well.

BAGnewsNotes: First Impressions

Tavis Smiley is an idiot

I had never seen this guy before, but he's interviewing Jared Diaomnd right now, and it's clear he, Tavis, has no idea what he's talking about.

Tavis Smiley

How do I get a job asking authors about books I can't be bothered to read?

Friday, July 08, 2005

Dadahead: Question

Dadahead: Question

This question is exactly right on the money.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Dumbest headline today

This is news? Front page news in the New York Times?

Iranian Women's Dress Code Is Modest but Golf Friendly - New York Times

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Book Thing

Okay, Sydney at Shut Up and Listen tagged me to do this. I've been dragging my feet, but here goes:

Number of Books That You Own:

I don't have an exact count, but I own in the neighborhood of 1000 books.

Last Book Bought:

The Stock Ticker and the Superjumbo : How the Democrats Can Once Again Become America's Dominant Political Party, by Rick Perlstein

Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick

Last Book I Read:

Perlstein's book. You can read it in an hour. It's good too. I'm still working through Big Trouble (see below).

Five Books that mean a lot to me:

1. Jesus' Son, by Denis Johnson (set in Iowa City, and Ir ead it while I lived there. Best short story collection ever--I never watched the film and I never want to.)
2. Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace (the novel of my Prague years)
3. The Ghostwriter, by Philip Roth (my favorite "I'm a young writer" novel)
4. Life is Elsewhere, by Milan Kundera (a minor book, but the one that first made we want to live in Prague)
5. A Critical Study of Philip Guston, by Dore Ashton (my favorite art history book)

OK, so now I have to tag some other people, eh? Fine. Adam, Mike, Tim, and Jeremy.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday Random Ten

Backwards Alchemy -- Fursaxa
The Riff -- Del Close and John Brent
Will You Come And Fetch Me -- Of Montreal
Sex Drive/Pants Down/Gibberish (2.81 - Two Track Sessions) -- The Embarrassment
Vine Street -- Van Dyke Parks
Honey in the Rock --Blind Mamie Forehand
Galactic Funk (Tau Ceti Mix) -- DJ Spooky
Let's Go -- Shock G
Accordion -- Madvillain
Milk Man -- Derrhoof

Pretty hip list this week if I do say so myself.