Saturday, July 02, 2005

Book Thing

Okay, Sydney at Shut Up and Listen tagged me to do this. I've been dragging my feet, but here goes:

Number of Books That You Own:

I don't have an exact count, but I own in the neighborhood of 1000 books.

Last Book Bought:

The Stock Ticker and the Superjumbo : How the Democrats Can Once Again Become America's Dominant Political Party, by Rick Perlstein

Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick

Last Book I Read:

Perlstein's book. You can read it in an hour. It's good too. I'm still working through Big Trouble (see below).

Five Books that mean a lot to me:

1. Jesus' Son, by Denis Johnson (set in Iowa City, and Ir ead it while I lived there. Best short story collection ever--I never watched the film and I never want to.)
2. Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace (the novel of my Prague years)
3. The Ghostwriter, by Philip Roth (my favorite "I'm a young writer" novel)
4. Life is Elsewhere, by Milan Kundera (a minor book, but the one that first made we want to live in Prague)
5. A Critical Study of Philip Guston, by Dore Ashton (my favorite art history book)

OK, so now I have to tag some other people, eh? Fine. Adam, Mike, Tim, and Jeremy.


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