Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Random Ten

If I have been following my blog history correctly, this tradition started here, with Roxanne. Get your mp3 player loaded with all your music, set to randomize, and then of Friday record the first ten songs it plays for you.

Here goes mine, although this is my collection at work so it's a little thinner than what I have at home (although denser with cool stuff?). Anyway:

I'm Gonna Run -- The Fiery Furnaces
Elizabeth Montgomery's Face -- The Embarrassment
Late Blues -- San Serac (from the New Believer music issue)
Insignificance -- Jim O'Rourke
Buzzards and Dreadful Crows -- Guided by Voices
Lucky Cloud -- Arthur Russell
Down By The Riverside (North American Ballads) -- Fredric Rzewski performed by Lisa Moore
Cowboy -- Harry Nilsson
This Time Another Year You May Be Gone -- Rev. Edward Clayborn
Been Listening All the Day -- Blind Joe Taggart

The last two are from American Primitive, Vol. 1, Raw Pre-war Gospel. Totally great album.

Bonus track 11 -- "Vocabulary Building" by Del Close and John Brent from How to Speak Hip


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