Thursday, April 27, 2006

Life is very weird...

when a day after you blog a picture of your wife, you find out that your friend, a male friend but one who is a woman inside Second Life, has added a giant billboard image of her inside SL's cyber landscape.

Weird indeed.

I would've add this pic live, but I can't figure how to make Snapzilla and Blogger talk to each other. Just follow this link.


Blogger Memory Harker said...


All the worlds are just beginning to overlap, Shando. I look forward to the day when Mark Ryden buys an island to design in Second Life and Aimee Weber's on the cover of Communication Arts. And, OMG, please disregard those big ugly boots in that photo: I just bought a pair of red Mary Janes from Fallingwater Cellardoor and am trying to forget I ever wore anything else, footwise. SL, jayzus, sometimes it's like one big fashion show ...


2:15 PM  
Blogger Memory Harker said...

Yes, and ... you should've included this link of Teh Ginormous Shando-Face from last November:


2:37 PM  

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