Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bonde Do Role, a.k.a Anyone speak Portuguese?

So, if you're like me, you have a MySpace page. Chances are decent that when you first got it, you didn't realize that lameass bands would be pelting you with friend requests left and right. Maybe you even said, okay, I'll be your friend, lonely rockers from Norman, Oklahoma. Now, most of the bands I've added I know or like, and mostly I've been the one to seek them out for friend adds, but I'm thinking of thinning the ranks of the bands on my list.

I'll be honest. Sometimes I have no idea who these bands are. So, as an experiment, and as a desperate ploy to get more readers so that I feel compelled to blog on a regular basis, for the next few months I'll be highlighting bands from my friends list. You can go listen to their tunes and tell me whether to drop them or keep them. I probably won't listen to you every time, but I'll pretend to, just like the real government does when you vote in their elections!

At any rate, mostly I'll be going in order of how these bands are listed on my page, but today I wanted to share with you tunes by Bonde Do Role. I have no idea how I came to add them. I came across their profile again today in the ranks of my friends. I'm sure I added them, but how did I hear about them? Maybe a link or mention from Dusted Magazine? Maybe ditto from Sasha Frere-Jones? No clue. But I dig there tunes. This is what I think they call Baile Funk, folks , though more punk and metal influenced than the other stuff I've heard. I especially dig the song "melo de vitiligo." Sweet combo of stuff from Salt 'n' Peppa and AC/DC, then with that hyper-aggressive/sexual shouted Portuguese that is the hallmark of Baile Funk lyrics.

You can tell me to drop them, but I won't. How's that for your first vote?

They're coming to Austin in July. I'll be there.

Here are the lyrics to aforementioned song. Anyone speak Portuguese?

fui no botecao
pra tomar uma caipirinha
espremeu limao errado
manchou toda minha pelinha

as viada tudo loca
ja criaram confusao
perguntaram e vitiligo
eu disse e mancha de limao

vai vai vai vitiligo (4x)
parece vitiligo, mas e mancha de limao

fui descer pro litoral
la pras praia de pelado
entao passei limao no pau
pra torrar, ficar manchado

as safada ja curtiram
ate no rabo tem limao
porque essa e a nova onda
esse e o hit do verao

mais lindo que michael Jackson
mais estaile que o bozo
bem mais chique que o scarpa
mais branquelo e mais gostoso

vai vai vai vitiligo (4x)
parece vitiligo, mas e mancha de limao

as safadas ja curtiram
ate no rabo tem limao
porque essa e a nova onda
esse e o hit do verao


Blogger Eduardo Mulder said...

haha. they're funny. ;D

5:11 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

What do they say?

5:48 PM  

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