Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Sound of Young America: Strangers with Candy trailer...

The Sound of Young America: Strangers with Candy trailer...

I kept trying to like this show. I watched the entire first season. In the end the only episode I thought was worth a damn was the Wilfred Brimley "Retards Don't rule the Night...Nobody Does" episode.

I think I kept trying to like because I like Steve Colbert, and I saw Amy Sedaris was back at Second City when I was in college and have always wanted to like her after that (she was really funny). She's a genius, right? That's what everyone seems to have decided. Here's the deal, though. Her comedy is mean-spirited and lazy. Come on, a main character whose primary 'humor' is her bad teeth and saggy tits? And oh yeah, she used to do a lot of drugs? Man, that's lazy comedy. Contrast the two-dimensional Jeri (sp?) with the bizarre, cartoonish-even, but deeply human characters on Arrested Development.

Yeah, I can't imagine watching this character for any more minutes. I gave up a show or two into the second season when I realized I was being a weak-willed joiner by even trying to like the show when I clearly didn't.


Blogger Braden said...

This is funny: I just posted the trailer on my blog, and remarked on how excited I am about the movie.

Is the comedy lazy? Often. Mean spirited? Yes, definitely. But it's the non-sequiturs and the fun with syntax (especially some of Steven Colbert's lines in the trailer) that I like, and the reasons why I'll see the movie.

And it seems like if the show comes up in conversation, people either love it or hate it, and it's about a 50/50 split. So you're definitely not in the minority.

Is Arrested Development an exponentially better show? No question.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I think what frustrated me about the show was my own feeblemindedness when watching it. I didn't respond to it, but I kept trying to like it, which ultimately made me feel like a tool. That's dumb behavior, boys and girls, take it from Uncle Shando.

That Wilfred Brimley episode, though. Man, that was funny, just his book-on-tape monologue. And yeah, I know it wasn't really him.

Also, I haven't watched the trailer. I just know that I won't be seeing the movie.

4:00 PM  

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