Monday, February 26, 2007


In a stunning victory that featured more contestants than final votes, my man Chad has taken home a movie ticket and second for his lovely wife Pam to a film of their choice. His entry was a virtuoso display of subtlety, featuring 3 white actors of roughly the same body type (Guttenberg, Brannagh, and Harmon) yet who, I believe, would display almost no actual chemistry between them. And with Spike Lee in the mix and Dolph Lundgren floating around in a different yet related film the triumph is complete.

Well done, Chad, and all who participated. Look for more exciting movie contests in the future.

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Blogger Chad said...

This is a huge honor. I'd like to thank my wife, Pam, without whose support I wouldn't be here today; my coordinator at work for staggering the workflow to the extent that I had enough time to participate in this contest; the "academy" that's comprised of the loose collection of people who read Shannon's blog; and, most important, Shannon McCormick for somehow figuring out a way to reap some sort of enjoyment and satisfaction out of the soul-enervating turkey of a movie Wild Hogs promises to be. Thank you.

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