Saturday, May 19, 2007

Last night's show

So, Get Up had a show last night. There was a group before us; we didn't see a single second of it, but we didn't hear much good about what went down, and in fact a sizeable chunk of the audience walked out during said show before Shana and I were up. A couple women asked for a refund even. But the cool thing is people enncouraged these folks to stick around because they knew we were coming up. And so while it was too bad that some people may have initially had a bad experience because they saw a show that wasn't working out, I'm glad that Shana and I were able to turn the evening around for them. Even better was the feeling that other folks were saying, "Hey, you might be having a bad time, but Get Up is always reliable." That was nice.

Afterwards went with Shana and Roy and Kaci and Asaf for drinks and sushi at Silhouette where Ace was bartending. Were joined by a couple of audeince members as well. Outside saw a little elf of a man who by far was the worst example I've ever seen of what tobacco can do to a person. Just horrifying. The guy was probably 45, tops, and was obviously just damaged beyond belief and smoking himself to death. It gives one pause.



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