Sunday, May 06, 2007

Job security

Lacey, Emmett, and I witnessed the greatest thing ever yesterday. We went to get some lunch at Amaya's Taco Village near our house. The line was really long, so we got on the list and then walked along the shops at Capitol Plaza, killing time.

We eventually need to get a mattress for the new house, so we walked all the way up to Mattress Firm. We decided before we got there that we probably didn't have time to shop, that we were just going to peek in the window.

When we got there, we looked in, and the store clerk, who sits at a desk right in the center of the show room floor, was so profoundly asleep words will fail to do it justice. This was at noon, mind you, and the dude's head was lolled back and to the side at this wicked angle that it made me wonder if in fact he were not sleeping but had had his neck broken by a member of Delta Force. What made it even better was all the comfy mattresses surrounding him and the giant photo of a woman with her head on a pillow dozing peacefully behind him. We didn't have the heart to open the door and wake him. We did, however, point out the scene to a stout guy walking into the H&R Block right next door. He also got a kick out of it.

While we bemoaned not having a camera to record the image to posterity, we we did crack ourselves up all day long bringing it back up.


Blogger Monique said...

If I may suggest a local mattress retailer, The Sleep Shop on Burnet is where I've acquired two mattresses. Bob and I had our third date there. They rock, and the sales staff are wide awake. --Mo

4:18 PM  

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