Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Montreal so far

No pictures since I didn't get an iPhone this past weekend--Austin was all sold out before I left. So far my impression of Montreal is that it's a pretty sweet city. Went to a restaurant last night with the guys where the service was Europeanly paced. I ordered the lamb. Then walked over to the Hyatt where the check in for the festival is and happened to end up getting interviewed for the local XM Radio Comedy Channel. Also, we are obsessed with the nearby convenience store Couche-tard, which is like a Canadian 7-11. The expression means "go to bed late," but because we are juvenile comedians we are calling it the Couch Tard.

Also, saw Chelsea Peretti coming out of the hotel. Then I ran into Chuck Watkins from Austin, which was a surprise. He was looking royally hung over.

Off to tech and rehearse and meet Bob Odenkirk and Bill Hader.



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