Monday, November 12, 2007

The world's best candy bar; or, Why I love my wife

Okay, there are many more reasons than this, but part of the Lacey's and my continued appeal to each other is our shared history. Spend enough time with someone and all the stuff that at one point in your life mattered to you is only really shared by your partner.

Tonight, Emmett ate a Kit Kat bar from his Halloween stash. This led to Lacey and I having a debate as to which was better, Kit Kat or Twix. We both came down ever so slightly on the side of Twix, but then Lacey reminded me that neither compared to the world's best candy bar, Nestle's Lion Bar. We used to get these when we lived in Prague, and for the life of me, other than the Cadburry Schwepps corporatioon's desire to keep my weight below 300 pounds, I do not know why this candy bar is mostly unavailable in the States.

Seriously, this is an awesome candy bar. I find that you can get them on Amazon. Lacey and I are thinking about getting some for stocking stuffers this Christmas year.

Also, Lacey and I could never figure out how to order these from our downstairs potraviny (grocery store) in correct Czech grammar. Rather than bore you with the byzantine ins and outs of Slavic declensions, we could never get the staff there to look at us with anything other than complete bafflement when we attempted another permutation on what we hoped would translate as "One Lion Bar, please." We usually had to resort to pointing and saying "Lee-ohn jako Lev." Which is the Czech pronunciation of the English spelling of "lion," followed by the czech for "like a lion."



Blogger Monique said...

I just bought one at Central Market! There's a big box by the express checkout lane.

8:48 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Awesome! Synchronicity!

8:53 PM  

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