Friday, November 09, 2007

What I have like so far about Philly

Much walking around and little blogging time, but here's what I have liked so far:

The walkability of the city, although last night some of the natives encouraged me not to walk back to the hotel for safety reasons. Specficically I have liked walking through the Philadelpia City Hall, which is a couple of blocks from our hotel and which looks almost Parisian in it's gray exterior but with a little extra American bombast in scale and monumetality.

Independence Hall was remarkable for the plainness of its interior and lack of ostentation. I also found the Liberty Bell more affecting than I assumed it would be.

People involved in the tourist industry here are almost exhaustively chatty.

The portrait gallery in the Second Bank of the United States.

Later tonight we are going ot the Philadelphia Museum of Art to pretend we're Rocky.


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