Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Butt Kisser

So a couple of days ago, I go out to my car to take Emmett to school. I get the boy all strapped in and then sit in the driver's seat. There's condensation all over the windshield of the car, in which someone has written the phrase "Butt Kisser." Now, being a paranoid, I spent a couple seconds wracking my brain trying to think of whom I had recently offended with my occasional buttkissing, forcing them to drive all the way to my house in the early dawn as the dew is settling lustrously on my vehicle. But there was no one loony enough to do something like that whom I might have offended.

And the thought of a person angry enough at the world that they just want to go write random insults on stangers' cars but who finds the taunt "Butt Kisser" worthy of being tagged on my ride, well that's just lame. C'mon, get angrier, dude.


Blogger heresygirl said...

Dude. Its Julie from Girls and your neighbor. Our car was sprayed with something the other day. Some kids...probably easy off or the like, but a neighbor saw it and called the cops and came over to tell us we should wash the car cause it might be poison.
Odd happenings.

8:08 AM  

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