Sunday, June 12, 2005

A guy I went to college with

It's always weird when someone you know make sit in a bigger way than you do (or have thus far). I was in a play with this guy back in Iowa in 1994. He was a good actor, but I have to say that the play we were in, our director had such a hard time working with the cast's ego, he, our director didn't come to opening night. At all. And he was a professor, not a student director. Very bad overall cast attitude, lead by the linked to guy in question. I did a good job, but had a much smaller role.

Anyway, he just spammed me to but his book. If I have any real female readers as a result of yesterday's post on Pandagon (because I had almost no readers at all before then, and no writer either), maybe it would interest you? Do you have a real body? Can a short gay man help you understand that?

I doubt he would even remember me, even though our director liked working with me more than him. So there, buddy!

Speaking of that kind of stuff, there may be news on the blog this week about some exciting acting gigs coming up for me. More later.


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