Sunday, June 12, 2005

Summer School

This is a great idea over at Salon. Since I named this blog the Empty Collection because I buy many more books than I read, getting an inside look at people who are just now reading classics that I more than likely haven't read either will be quite entertaining.

The monsters in my personal collection that I haven't completed? Or at least the ones I feel the most immediate obligation to finish?

Don Quixote

Anna Karenina


The Power Broker, which I was going to write about in yesterday's post--I'll be getting Amanda's copy of Can't Stop Won't Stop soonish, but from what I understand there's some in there about what Robert Moses did to the Bronx, some of which provided the the flame on the stovetop on which hiphop's pioneers cooked their jerk chicken. I actually took The Power Broker with me to the hospital when Emmett was born two years ago. It was the book I was reading at the time, but I wasn' t far enough into it to get to the really gripping, page-turning stuff. I was in the late teens, early twenties. Let's just say that early 20th century lower lever bureaucracy is not the subject matter you want to be reading about when your first child has arrived. I haven't been back to it since. Maybe later this year.


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