Thursday, November 01, 2007

Start of NaBloPoMo--Henry Flynt

A post a day, huh. All right, here we go.

Today, killing some time while I was having our house cleaned up, I swung by Waterloo Records on something of a whim and because I had 15 cash dollars in my wallet and because I'm going to be recording some voice over for Rooster Teeth's new Red Vs. Blue XBox miniseries later today. Lucky me they were having a 20% sale, so I picked up a copy of Henry Flynt and Nova Billy's album. This was just released by Locust Music, and over the past year or so I've really gotten into Flynt. I think I first encountered him on, and I've been able to get a bunch of Flynt reissues on eMusic.

He's quite an interesting character.

If you like Red Krayola, Mayo Thompson, John Cale's viola work with Velvet Underground, or tangy, slightly eccentric driving art-rockabilly of any ilk, this stuff is for you.

Here's a little sample, which will get you acquainted with his Mayo-ish voice:

Henry Flynt & Nova' BillyGood Morning

And this for the yeehaw bow sawing, which is one of Flynt's signatures:

Henry Flynt & Nova' BillyDouble Spindizzy

If you're interested, the entire record can be picked up at fine local establishments everywhere, as well as at Amazon. I'd link you to the eMusic link or elsewhere, but you can't get the last track off the download version. Be a completist!



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