Monday, October 08, 2007

One of many things I learned this weekend

After a nice late night meal Saturday with some of the people at the show and with Tim and Stephen, what I came to realize is that as an improviser, I'm not really a Johnstonian at all. I'm a Rafe Chasist. Why he doesn't get more props from the world of improv for his contributions are beyond me, and probably the subject of a much less optimistic post.

Then in class on Sunday, this was all brought home by Rafe's portion of the class, which dealt with acting and longform starts. We only had an hour, but I could have done those exercises all day. he started the class with his a "A Longform Improviser's Oath,' modeled on the Boy Scout Oath. Here it is:

A Longform Improviser is...


And then to continue the Boy Scout thing, the motto of a Longform Improviser instead of "Be Prepared" should be "Be Present."

What a great weekend.



Blogger The Holmes said...

Okay Shannon, you're going to force me to reveal what a dork I am. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, but here goes: It's actually the Boy Scout Law that consists of a series of adjectives to describe what a Scout is, not the Oath. The Oath is a series of statements phrased as a promise. So it would be the Longform Improviser's Law. Ugh, that really felt dorky.

But it looks like a great list!

3:38 PM  

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