Thursday, October 18, 2007

I have been tagged! By a meme!

By Kaci Beeler to write down 10 things that recently made me happy. OK, here goes.

1. The recent 3 For All shows and classes here in Austin.
2. Getting the most recent issue of Comic Art Magazine
3. Brenner's strange party for his girlfriend with "adult" sodas.
4. Julies Lucas and her family.
5. Walking by Emmett today standing proudly in his room holding up a yoga ball announcing in his best theatrical voice, "You Would Be Entertained!" to no one in particular.
6. Finding my brother's old Captain America painting from ten years ago or so.
7. Spaghetti night at the Egerton's.
8. Lining up a ton of acts for MakerFaire Austin.
9. Recent Get Up rehearsals.
10. Being pleasant to my family, for a whole week!


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